2010 – May you be better than 2009

New Year’s Eve Szilveszter (In Hungary the last day of the year is called Szilveszter, like the male name that, not so surprisingly, celebrates its name day 31st of December) came and passed. The year ended for me in a way that can describe 2009 in general; on the couch with my man recovering from a nasty stomach flu that kept me from eating anything that wasn’t in liquid form. Luckily Champagne Törley (Hungarian sparkling wine) is.

I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on 2009 though, it certainly had its moments too. But I’m excited to see what 2010 has to offer.
Something I haven’t thought about after my previous New Year’s here is the extreme need and urge for the Hungarian to say Boldog Új Évet (Happy New Year) first time you meet them after the New Year. At work it was so prominent (“before you say anything  I just want to say Boldog Új Évet”) that I just have to assume that if I don’t say Happy New Year the first thing I do when I see someone I even remotely know I would be considered be extremly rude.